Monday Blues

Mondays always have the potential of bringing the blues or an extra surge of energy. I start my weeks with a meditation and then find myself cursing under my breath, the next minute. I'm finding my worklife sometimes embeds itself into my personality for better or for worse and I'm really trying to find the right balance. Cleansing in the physical or metaphorical sense is my go-to these days.

I recently opened up my closet and did the ultimate cleanse, although you couldn't tell by looking at it. I've parted ways with some clothes I've held onto for nostalgic reasons. I couldn't part ways with this dress, hanging in a dark corner of my closet-originally purchased for my nieces wedding and finding it too snug during my nursing days. Those days are behind us now and I felt tad bit of sadness slipping on this dress, knowing that just 6 months ago, I saw myself so differently in it. I felt like a mom, then. Not in a derogatory sense. I'm still a proud mama after all.

Only now, I'm now a mom literally free of bodily responsibility to nourish my child. We made it two whole years of nursing. The most beautiful years. The strength our bodies hold, ladies, is awe-inspiring. Let's celebrate our bodies for all that they are and what we're capable of. Thanks to my hubs for helping me stand tall while I slung a little denim over my shoulder on this fine Monday. On another note, the California fires are paving the way for same eerily crazy sunsets. Praying for all of those in harms way and hoping the skies open up for some relief soon.