I have this recurring dream ever so often where I'm preparing to head out for a trip and save the packing for last minute. I'm moments away from missing my flight and run out the door with half empty luggage. In this pseudo-nightmare moment, I'm in this anxiety ridden holding pattern, frozen with guilt for failing to be prepared. See, even in my dreams I'm a more boring version of myself :) And even with travel, I'm stuck in this place of excitement and anxiety. I love to travel, but I hate the "act"of traveling. I'd be the perfect candidate for a teleporting machine.

So, when I traveled to London recently for a last minute business trip, I played out every scenario in an effort to vindicate the frazzled women in my dreams. Within three hours of landing (with a full suitcase) I was in my London office fighting jet lag and preparing for meetings. But something kind of miraculous happened in the first 24 hours of almost zero sleep. Something I never expected I would conquer successfully. I somehow managed to hone in on some meditation skills, being present in the moment and surprise... ZERO panic attacks. Ok, maybe just ONE on the flight over when I thought the dry air on the airplane was actually my throat closing from an allergic reaction. Popped a Benadryl and was out for 2 golden hours. It's amazing how our mind grabs a hold of the fears we have, right? How it holds on like a vice grip and waits for you to say, "Uncle!" I know, I know... there are so many jet setters who have this travel thing down like a science. But this whole experience was a very therapeutic one in so many ways.

For starters, so much accomplished on the work front and then being surrounded by the electric energy of a city like London-I was feeling pretty energized. The icing on the cake was this amazing photoshoot with @allison__stoddard. I came across her work on Instagram and knew we had to partner up for Denim Manuscript. She's a native Californian, now living in London. Hello, serendipity! Our morning stroll through Kensington, capturing some amazing images, at a time in my life where I was ushering in a new career chapter, was as we say in the states, "Awesome!"

We casually walked through some cute neighborhoods with vintage cars, storefronts decked out for the holidays and a "tea" stop at The Ivy-where they do Holiday dazzle like no other. These vintage Levis mixed with my favorite Emerson Fry coat and Kate Spade bow flats were part of my uniform on rotation. I'm miles away from a capsule wardrobe, but now looking at the different looks we pulled off with just a coat, turtleneck and scarf, I'm starting to think I can pull it off! Is clinking a tea cup in celebration, a thing?

Till next time, London... I think I see a Royal Wedding visit in my future :) Maybe next time I'll conquer the jet lag and ditch the sunglasses. I've already learned a tough lesson about incompatible curling irons. Straight hair isn't my jam. Thank you, Allison, for the vote of confidence! XOXO